Do you need help to get success in your life ?

Do you need help to get success in your life ?
I can help you in few sentences telling you my story
i was a criminal by profession jail to factory (as labor) factory to roads and again jail it was repetitive once in the jail i announced with my fellow Prisoners that i will write a book on my crime experience they laughed at me because i have not passed high school level but i promise myself that i will do that i did and contact some publishers they asked me to pay
LOLZ from where i pay them ? however one publisher agreed that we will publish the book and give you 25% revenue but you have to provide us computer printed copy of the book again it was another hurdle
later on i stole a computer
How to on/off the computer ? lolz but after 3 days experiments i come to know how to switch on the computer, switching off was so easy just unplug the cables :)
now where to write ? someone told me about notebook my language was not English so Now?
any way it take 30 days to get familiar with computer resolved all the hurdles and start writing when i reach half of the book i come to know the publisher offer me for free publishing has sold there company
again i was at the point from where i started but i believe every Dispersal leads to success
i continue my work
when 90% of the work was completed one day my computer refused to start due to hard disk damage.
i went back to factory and earned some amount buy a new computer.
Now? how to get my data back ?
i start it again from zero and this time i complete, contact a publisher this time i planned to pay the publisher. publisher asked me to get it proof read i contact a proof reader and after reading a few paragraphs he suggested me you have good mind and can become a very famous writer but you have many mistakes choosing the right wordings so i decided to write it again and and 3 tries i wrote a very good book but this time i decide not to publish it.
meanwhile i fall in computer phobia and start working on webs
Now i am a well known web developer and designer developed several websites

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