Pay Per Task a new way of freelancing

DeskLancer Get Paid to do 1 minute Task

today when i was searching for online jobs because i am a freelancers and working on may job boards since 2004.

i just found another awesome job board and i think this is a good addition in freelancer community specially when we do not need to send cover letters to apply on a job.and then wait for interview call.

on major job boards before interview call there are 10% chances getting hired and if selected for interview there are 50% chances getting hired but the platform i found cover letters interview call etc etc not required if you are a member of the DeskLancer team you are hired brows the task you like complete the task and send proof of your completed Task.

and your account will be credited.

I hope my fellow freelancers ll love to work with them and get paid
i also ll love to hear your experience about this platform and reviews.

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